We know that having a child as a busy parent can be tricky, which is why we offer same day appointments. With four pediatricians on staff, we can see your child when it is convenient for you. We are not an urgent care facility, but a true pediatric outpatient clinic that will make every effort to see your child on the same day you call.

If your child is sick we are prepared to examine them in order to diagnose and treat most of the common childhood illnesses. We will take a thorough history and physical. If needed, our office is equipped to run common tests, including rapid influenza screens, rapid strep screens, RSV screens, urine dip sticks, and more.

Some of the more common pediatrics illnesses include fever, viral illnesses, otitis media, otitis externa, upper respiratory infections, pharyngitis, and gastroenteritis. Our physicians will help determine whether your child’s illness is due to a minor illness or a more serious condition that requires a further work up. We have the ability to check more detailed labs and imaging at a nearby outpatient laboratory and pediatric imaging facility.

It is important to determine if your child is sick, whether it is due to a minor or major illness, so the appropriate treatment can be given. We also follow up with your child until they have bounced back from their illness. Our phone nurse will call and check on your child if they are seen in the office for a major illness. If they are not improving as we expect then we will bring them back in for re-evaluation to see if further testing is needed.