We provide non-emergency minor injury care for babies, toddlers, young children and teenagers. If you suspect that your child has life threatening injury please call 911 or go to the emergency room.

Slips, falls, scrapes, cuts, bruises, and broken bones are, unfortunately, a part of growing up. As children learn about the world through the exploration of their environments, they often take risks with their bodies that make grownups cringe. The bright side is that minor injuries are very often how children learn the importance of safety and boundaries. Minor cuts, scrapes and bruises can help to remind them not to do something dangerous the next time the opportunity arises.

Here is a helpful list of minor injuries that we can treat at Lafayette Pediatrics:

  • Small cuts and abrasions (scrapes)
  • Minor burns
  • Insect stings
  • Ankle or wrist sprains
  • Nursemaids elbow
  • Blisters
  • Sunburn
  • Items stuck in nose or ear
  • Splinter removal
  • Minor eye injuries

If you are uncertain if your child’s injury can be addressed in our office, please call and speak with our phone nurse. Our nurse will help triage the injury to determine if it should be seen in our office or if it is a more serious injury that may require services from our local emergency department.

Our phone nurse may also be able to determine if an imaging study or lab needs to be obtained prior to your child’s office visit. Again, if your child has a life threatening injury or emergency, please call 911 or bring them to the nearest Emergency Room.