Lafayette Pediatrics is committed to the health of your child. We understand the challenges that face new parents. We hope to ease those challenges by meeting with you prior to the delivery of your baby. At Lafayette Pediatrics, we offer free prenatal consults to parents that are expecting. This is a great time to meet your pediatrician and our office staff, take a tour of the office, and answer any questions that you may have about becoming a parent.

This is also a time for our physicians to learn more about the parents and family medical history. At this visit we will review the expecting mother’s pregnancy and discuss any complications or concerns that have arisen during pregnancy. If any labs or screens are needed after the baby is born we will discuss the best timing for these evaluations. This will also be an opportunity to  discuss the goals and expectations for the newborn during their initial hospital stay.

During the prenatal consult parents will have a chance to learn more about our practice. This is an opportunity to discuss the vaccines recommended early in infancy, newborn screens and other important neonatal prevention measures including Vitamin K administration, hearing screens, and congenital heart screenings.

At Lafayette Pediatrics, we know that pregnancy is a time of great reflection, and sometimes great anxiety. If you would like to meet your pediatrician prior to the birth of your newborn, please contact our office and schedule a free appointment to meet and talk with one of our caring physician.