Mission Statement:

At Lafayette Pediatrics, our goal is to provide the highest quality of health care to our patients and families. We work to build lifelong relationships between our staff and patients. We provide comprehensive care to our patients from birth until young adulthood. We believe in the prevention of disease and promotion of healthy lifestyles for all children.

Our physicians and staff are known for their knowledge, experience, and compassion. We appreciate the trust our patients and families place in us and we feel privileged to take care of your children.

About Lafayette Pediatrics:

Our physicians at Lafayette Pediatrics have been caring for the children of Acadiana for over 30 years. Dr Michael Judice started the practice in 1984 and has been practicing pediatrics in Lafayette since that time.

Lafayette Pediatrics now consists of four pediatricians, Dr Michael Judice, Dr Jennifer Boustany, Dr Shalini “Reyna” Grant, and Dr Stuart “Beau” Clark. Our physicians have had excellent medical training and are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. They continue to stay up to date with the latest in health care by completing continued medical education.

Our nurses and staff are also dedicated to the care of our patients. Several of our nurses have been with our practice for over 25 years. The experience and devotion of our physicians, nurses, and staff are evident by the exceptional care we provide to our patients. We have a dedicated nurse during the day that is available by phone to answer questions for our parents. Our phone nurse will also follow up daily with sick patients seen in our office until they are well.

Our Practice Areas

During the evenings and weekends, one of our physicians is on call to help answer any medical concerns about your child. Our physicians will see your child from birth until young adulthood. Some of our general services include:

• Well child examinations from birth until 18 years old

• Complimentary Prenatal consultations

• Daily visits after birth while still in the hospital

• Immunizations (based on the AAP and ACIP vaccination schedule)

• Developmental screening

• Hearing/vision screens

• Same day sick appointments

• In house laboratory tests (including strep test, influenza test, RSV test, urinalysis, and others)

• Management and treatment of most general pediatric diagnoses


Michael K. Judice, M.D.


Jennifer Boustany, M.D.


Shalini Reyna Grant, M.D. 


Stuart Beau Clark, M.D.